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Artist Carmen Clayton

Carmen was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She lived there with her mother, 2 sisters and one brother. Growing up to the sounds of Jennifer Holiday and Melba Moore,  mom for the words, she still won contests due to her radiant voice and amazing sound. Since then Carmen performed at school plays at school. At the age of 7, Carmen recorded her first song, written and produced by her mother, “Jesus is the Answer”. While performing all over Detroit and surrounding cities, she received an invitation to perform with C.L. Franklin who is Aretha Franklin’s father and mentor. 
At the age 9, Carmen was introduced to a producer named Kevin McCord, who was a part of the hit group Al Hudson & One Way, and subsequently responsible for hits such as “ I want to thank you” by Alicia Meyers, “Mr. Groove”, and many others, via her godmother, Kim Westin, a singer signed to Motown Records and featured on Marvin Gaye’s song “It Takes Two”. 
In 1984, Carmen debuted her recording of “Time to Move” which reached number 6 on the Billboard charts. Her second recording was “Throw Down” which sold over 100,000 units at that time. “Who’s Loving You”, in 1986, a re-make of Michael Jackson, would be her last recording with Kevin McCord. To which she was given “rights” personally from Michael Jackson to perform and record the song. With this recording, Carmen went on to be booked in a sold out concert featuring Rebbie Jackson, where she performed all three of her records. 
Now a resident of Orlando, Florida and proving she still had a voice, she would follow-up at the Apollo Music Theatre, and win (3) three times. With a brief intermission to continue her education, and evaluate the direction of her personal life, she continued vocal training and writing. In 2010, in reaching out to a promoter to jumpstart her re-emerging into the industry, she noticed her music has been receiving many hits in excess of an accumulated 4 million hits combined, with a great International following. Making changes and taking control, she is charting the course of her musical career with possessing the still relevant radiant voice, amazing sound and beauty. She recorded, “You Don’t See Me” and placed on Amazon.com, CD Baby and Itunes. The video, showcases a girl in love with another who does not notice her, directed by Chad Hendricks along with D.K. Lucas and “D” of D. Col Entertainment, uploaded to youtube, April 2, 2011. Her up coming album will feature a eclectic of mid tempo, uptempo & ballads.
Carmen has a fanbase of multimillions.
One chance
Vocals by Carmen Clayton,      (Snip)
Music by Barrett Vorhis
Comin back to me
Vocals Carmen Clayton            (Snip)
Music Barrett Vorhis
One Chance EDM                                               Vocals Carmen Clayton,            (Snip)
Music Barrett Vorhis
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