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Singers & Songwriters

Turn your ideas & scratch tracks into professional mainstream radio style music. Played, performed & recorded in a pro audio multitrack recording studio by professional multi talented musicianship.
We work closely with you via phone & Internet, providing the best results for your music, we give you a finalized file & stems of your music wich you can bring to your local recording studio or to a friends home studio to record your vocals or we can have a singer sing vocals for you. Or if you don't have a vocal melody, then one can be made for you & played onto a separate version of your song in the form of a piano guide track.
     Our styles are very diverse & will meet your needs when it comes to building your songs, arrangements, lush solos, large array of drum styles, kits & chops, lovely keys, phatt jaw dropping basses (dubstep basses available), effects that will leave you in awe, and last but not least, mixing & mastering.
      Turnaround time for one song is 1-2 days to a full week depending on our workload.

Credits include:
20 tracks previously for Universal Records (EMG), 16 tracks to LouRawls Jr., Pop electronic dance music requested by Phil Gordy (Motown Family) who also started the group Wild Orchid Feat (Fergie) currently in the works, Eggie Eggert (Founder & Original Drummer of Band, Suicidal Tendencies) just to name a few & many many more!
     This is a golden opportunity. Book your online session now & get your project Rockin today!
     Get your songs considered for placement with T.V. & Film through our contacts. Your work will be promoted to record labels, publishers, producers, managers, A&R reps, music supervisors, filmmakers, production libraries, etc.
     We are also currently looking for Female & Male vocals for some of our songs for recording & placements! If you like to write & sing your own lyrics, heres your chance to get your foot in the door, own recording setup is a big plus so we can send tracks back & forth.
     Send email with links to site where you have uploaded your songs, then we can go from there, best of your singing please. If you can also come up with lyrics to some of the songs is a +

Barrett Vorhis Producer/CEO
Janie Mack Records
Mackie Publishing

Mixing & Mastering
Click on the songs below to hear the difference between Non Mastered & Mastered Recordings, this is what the Record Labels, Radio & Film Industries look for in Professional Music for hire.
Non Mastered Mix

Mastered Mix
Mixing      $100 Per Song & up or package deals as low as $40 per song.

Mastering      $100 Per Song & up or package deals as low $40 per song.

ISRC Codes Imbeded  $200 per Album. For Singles, Contact Us.

Editing      $100 - ? Per Song

Recording  Per  Instrumental $550 & up, ask about package deals.

Single Guitar & or Piano track $250
Ask about our package deals on any of the above services.